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  • Submitted: 2017-09-15 14:03:55
  • Status: Finished
  • Waiting time: 0 sec
  • Running Time: 5 mins
Results of your prediction with jobid: example_multiseq (jobname: example_multiseq)

Zipped folder of your result can be found in

Dumped prediction in one text file can be found in query.result.txt

The sequence(s) you submitted can be found in query.raw.fa

Total number of protein sequences:  4
Please click the link of each sequence below to see the result of individual sequence
Note that the table below is sortable by clicking the table header

No. Length LOC_DEF LOC_DEF_SCORE RunTime(s) SequenceName Source FinishDate
1 325 MEM 0.5 0.0 sp|P04201|MAS_HUMAN cached N/A
2 161 EXC 0.4 105.2 sp|P04216|THY1_HUMAN newrun N/A
3 365 EXC 0.32 115.2 sp|P04439|1A03_HUMAN HLA class newrun N/A
4 355 CYT 0.4 118.6 sp|P04899|GNAI2_HUMAN newrun N/A