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The software for SubCons can be found at

Docker container of SubCons

First install docker on your system according to the instructions
Then your can run the following command in the terminal to get the docker image

docker pull nanjiang/subcons

Next, you need to download the following two databases for SubCons and saved them to e.g. /data, and then extracted the zipped files there

After that, you can start the docker container by the following command, suppose your working directory is /home/user/workdir

docker run -v /data:/data -v /home/user/workdir:/workdir -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -it --name subcons -restart=unless-stopped -d nanjiang/subcons

Finally, copy your sequence file, e.g. query.fa to /home/user/workdir and you can run SubCons docker container using the following command

docker exec subcons script /dev/null -c "cd /home/user/workdir ; /home/app/subcons/ /home/usr/workdir/query.fa /home/usr/workdir/out1"

The result will be available at /home/user/workdir/out1 after successful run.

Dataset for SubCons paper

SubCons prediction for various organisms

These predictions were obtained by running SubCons with only sequences from Swissprot (March 2017)